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Ha Tien, Vietnam is usuall the first stop for travellers entering Vietnam from Cambodia, near Kampot and Kep.   Andy, the owner, makes frequent visits to Cambodia, and is the world's expert, not only on Ha Tien, but on getting to and from Vietnam and Cambodia on the Southern Coast. (see the advice below).

Oasis Bar Ha Tien is the only "Western style" bar in Ha Tien, Vietnam, serving a good range of local and imported beers, wine and spirits.  We are not a restaurant but we also serve a range of snacks and bar food throughout the day, including breakfast, salads, and baguettes.  We are situated by the old market hall. 


Oasis Bar Ha Tien

We do not sell bus or ferry tickets, but can give completely free and impartial advice on travel within Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  We speak English, French, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai.

Getting to and from Ha Tien: Virak Buntham bus company has a bus/minibus service from Sihanoukville direct to Ha Tien via Kampot and Kep.This leaves Sihanoukville at about 08.00 .There are also bus services from Kampot and Kep."Ha-Tien-Phu Quoc travel" have offices in Phu Quoc island(on Long Beach) , Ha Tien (at the Oasis Bar) and Kampot (on the riverside) They run a minibus every day between Kampot, Kep, Ha Tien, which connects with the ferry from Phu Quoc-it leaves Kampot at 08.30 and returns from Ha Tien at around 11 am.  You can take a motorcycle or tuk tuk from Kampot or Kep to the border, but I don't recommend it, due to the state of the road in Cambodia, the surface is bad, especially for a few km from the border, where it's not yet sealed, just a dirt road.  A bus is much safer and much less dusty or muddy (depending on whether it's rained) and it's not really much more expensive.

The bar is situated at 42 Tuan Phu Dat (which runs off the promenade along the river-called Dong Ho-right by the old market hall, which is now a supermarket) I have marked it on Google Earth.  The best way to describe getting to the bar is to "Walk along the promenade on the riverside, away from the town and the new bridge over the mouth of the Dong Ho river, and towards the inland sea, about half way along the promenade, the old market hall is on your left hand side, it is now a cafe and supermarket.  It's a large building painted bright green and orange.  Details are given in the 2012 edition of the 'Lonely Planet' guidebook,which we are proud to be featured in.

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Oasis Bar is in the street that runs along the side of the supermarket, about 20 metres from the promenade.





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